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Assure your child that you love her but never give in to whining! Cancer is the sign of the mother and like a good mother, the Cancer child often possesses good common sense and is mothering and protective to all. Water is reflective. Cancer children often love music, meditation and peaceful activities. Other Cancer favorites are cooking, growing things, caring for pets, fixing whatever. Many Cancer children are multi-talented. Therefore its vital to always be honest with her. Of all the signs, Cancer is the most family-oriented, and the most influenced by the environment. On the natural wheel, Cancer is placed on the nadir, the lowest point, and so signifies our roots and heritage.

The healthy tree must have strong roots and herein lies the fundamental determining factor between the Cancer child who grows up to sustain and nurture others as a self-sufficient individual and the neglected Cancer child, fearful of rejection, that later hungers for security as a clinging vine or smothering protector in adult relationships.

Childhood impressions may last for life! The crab carries his house on his back! Like the crab, with a hard shell but soft inside, the Cancer child may hide in her room and sulk, or enter a world of her own making, if her feelings have been hurt or to escape a harsh environment. Keep communication open, but discourage whining and emotional manipulation.

Your little Cancerian likely loves to give to others, but like the crab, may fear to let go of possessions or friends. Life will teach her the difference between tenacity and possessiveness. Leo is a Fire sign on the feeling cross. Its symbol is The Lion. Leo is fire of heart! Your little Leo Lion radiates warmth and affection. She is apt to be outgoing, overflowing, and generous, and genuinely concerned with the welfare of others.

Always the leader, if not the center of any group, your child seldom fails to attract attention. If she feels left out or unnoticed, she may resort to negative attention, better in her mind than none! Your child may well wear her heart on her sleeve, or hidden behind a noble bearing.

Leo children exhibit strong emotions. Typically, the Leo child thrives on praise, and delights in showing you her accomplishments and how proud she is of herself! Dramatic and just plain happy to be here, your Leo is warm of heart, gregarious, outspoken, and independent. Look for opportunities to place her in the limelight. Leo is the sign of performance. A family party can be a fun time to shine and show off a special skill such as singing, charades, or skits. Your little lion will enjoy telling tales and hearing colorful stories. Leo children often do well in programs such as the Scouts where merits can be earned and true leadership developed.

As she matures you may discover that your child has a way with younger children. Teach her that true leaders are humble, and can obey orders as well as give them out. She may need to be reminded that other children need turns at being the leader, too! Tire not in reminding her of the importance of working cooperatively with others. These are lessons that will always serve her well! Like a king, she may take for granted the good things in life. Teach your Leo youngster always to give thanks and express appreciation for what others do for her.

Leo is the sign of amusements and recreations. Many Leo children enjoy parties and participating in sports. To motivate her, devise ways to make learning fun. Then again, life is not all fun and games. Leo children may need to learn the importance of finishing the job, simply because it has to be done. Virgo is an Earth sign on the thinking cross.

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Its symbol is The Virgin. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mind and Virgo children are typically curious about nature and their physical environment. They like to observe natural phenomena to discover the laws behind the manifestation. Some children of this sign are manually dexterous or show early signs of mechanical ability. Even toddler Virgos especially enjoy mechanical toys and those that can be taken apart and put back together again. Geometrical painted wood pieces that form beautiful intricate designs may be another Virgo favorite!

Virgos seek ways to make their observations practical. Interested in helping, Virgo children are often truly compassionate, worrying about the welfare of others. Your child may like to take care of everything; rescuing, salvaging, and restoring. Virgos frequently find their calling through response and service to others, to life. As adults, Virgos are often attracted to professions where they can serve; waiting upon people in a restaurant, secretarial jobs, dental assistants, teachers.

Virgo children need the tools to help small sized brooms, tools, etc. Some Virgo children are shy, because they tend to be overly critical of themselves or their performance. For the little Virgo, good is hardly ever good enough if not perfect! Discourage pickiness, fault-finding and complaining.

You would do well to teach your Virgo youngster to look for the good in herself, in her work and in others. Sometimes children with the Sun afflicted in Virgo can be so anxious about perceived imperfection, that they decide not to try at all!

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Montessori materials with their built-in corrections are perfect for the young age Virgo child. Remind your child that what matters is that she always try to do her best, but that Rome was not built in a day! Many are naturals at math and have an affinity for reading! Writing and teaching are Virgo skills waiting to be developed! Because they need to nurture and instruct others, Virgo children usually enjoy caring for pets and younger siblings. They have a way with details, favorable for many professions such as teaching, engineering, bookkeeping, but they may lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Virgo children often enjoy hobbies where they must label, paste, organize and categorize such as coin and stamp-collecting. Virgo is earthy and little Virgos are acutely aware of their bodies. Baby Virgos can be quite uncomfortable if wet or unattended. Some Virgo children are fussy about what and when they eat. Libra is an Air sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Scales. Always seeking a mirror or clear pool, the Libra child tends to look for her identity through the eyes of others. Throughout her childhood, your little Libra will look to others for clues to know herself. The Libra child seeks to please and put forth her best to measure up to your praise.

Close friendships mean a lot to your child. Theater is a good medium for trying on many hats safely. Libran children need to develop self-confidence and a strong sense of identity. They need to be taught the importance of trust and honesty in all their interactions. Children of the scales tend to compare one thing with another, but its best that you not compare her negatively with her friends. Because Librans see both sides, they have a strong sense of fairness, but may have trouble making decisions.

Give your little Libran many opportunities to make choices. Praise her when she makes up her mind decisively and quickly! Libran children are natural arbitrators and often play the role of the class peace-maker. Later, some will grow up to be lawyers! Librans are born diplomats and can get along with almost anyone. They may become unbalanced and noticeably disturbed by an ugly or discordant environment. Librans are attracted to beauty and peace. Even so, your own example can help your Libran child learn how to confront and handle unpleasant situations.

Some Libran children will resort to lying rather than rock the boat.

By all means, stress honesty and openness in your household. Even Libran babies will respond to flowers, color and other touches of beauty and harmony in their surroundings. Most Libran children like to dress well. Your child may have artistic talent that you will want to cultivate. Your child is almost certainly sociable and benefits by early training in social skills and graces.

Libran children can be charming hosts and hostesses at parties and school functions.

Sun enters Scorpio

Nevertheless, their ability to charm can amount to a mask, hiding their true intentions. The scales are the scales of justice and Libran children are sure to speak out against perceived injustices. Scorpio is a Water sign on the feeling cross. Its symbols are the Scorpion, the Phoenix and the Eagle. Water sign children are typically sensitive, responsive, considerate and kind. Your Scorpio child needs to feel secure, in control of her environment. The Scorpio child is so sensitive that occasionally she may withdraw, perceiving that an adult is capable of physically or emotionally hurting her.

She needs to have a clear idea of right and wrong from babyhood. She needs to develop good habits concerning belongings, money and the balance between material and spiritual things And that, of course, means good examples at home! She may need encouragement to be willing to share. Scorpio energy is dynamically creative. Search for areas of interest—science, music, sports—for your child to channel her great creative potential! Teach her to avoid extremes, and to seek the middle way.

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Scorpios experience life on a deep, emotional level. Your child may be moody. Like other children of the water signs, Scorpio children are soothed by music. Many have musical talent. Scorpio children tend to be loners in some way. Scorpios are adept at masking their true feelings, so its important that you establish trust with your child, and keep the avenues of communication open.

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Your child may have a love of strategy, puzzles, mazes, chess and checkers, science-fiction and mystery stories. Chemistry sets, microscopes, nature walks and research are all up the Scorpio alley. In Scorpio, the cruel sting of the Scorpion selfishness, cruelty, over self-concern is transformed Phoenix into the free and noble eagle I serve, I heal, I share.

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Good luck to parents who try to teach their little Scales that running away from problems will not always be for their highest and best. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Libra Child. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Scorpio Child. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Sagittarius Child. Solid, stable and practical Capricorn Children always seem far more mature than their age would imply.

Good luck to parents who try to teach their little Sea-Goat that even though people naturally follow their lead there is a fine line between manipulation and leadership. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Capricorn Child. Good luck to parents who try to teach their little Water Bearer there is a difference in having your own ideas and staging an out and out rebellion. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Aquarius Child.

Pisces Children, though extremely sensitive, will stand firm even in the face of very frightening situations. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Pisces Child. If the world had a nickel for every time a parent uttered, muttered or screamed this lament everyone would be millionaires! Parenting would be so much easier if there were a magical handbook that answered all our questions about our children, especially when they first arrive.

What is her personality going to be like? What will he be when he grows up? How to I inspire and motivate my child? admin