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Click "Add Gifts" to go to our Gift Shop and choose an exciting present for that lucky someone! Bird Day A perfect avian anniversary! Birthday Composition Ted gets it right in the end! Music: Impromptu op. Birthday in a Box A traditional Birthday card with balloons, trumpets, cake and of course, that tune! Music: Arranged by Mike Hughes-Chamberlain. Preview this More than the world Birthday card opens a new window Send this More than the world Birthday card. Magic Show A rousing performance of magical trickery, with Bertie the canine conjuror!

Champagne Celebration An exuberant Art Deco card - perfect for a s-themed occasion! Kit Cat Boogie A kitten on the keys creates chaos! Birthday Wishes Let the celebrations commence! An Eloquent Arrangement A pretty floral bouquet with rollover option to show the meanings of the flowers Music: Waltz in E flat major, Op.

How old are you? Preview this How old are you? Rockin' Rally Lurgashall plays host to another classic collection! Hole in One! Preview this Hole in One! Shepherd's Jig A sleepy shepherd tends to his frisky flock. With puzzle! A Jazzy Ensemble Watch - and hear - the musical instruments come together in this modern art design. Ball Game Not so much an ecard, just a great way of sending our fun ball game to your friends!

A Cheerful Composition Ravishing ranunculi form a bewitching bouquet! Music: 1st movt of Brandenburg Concerto no. Bach This card has optional greetings: Happy Birthday! Patisserie in Paris Fancy something sweet? Cake Kaleidoscope Be tempted by our decorative swirls of sugary delicacies! Scooting Seniors "Just remember, once you're over the hill Birthday Letters Spell out your birthday wishes with this clever design. Includes print option. Recipe for Relaxation Enjoy a blissful spa day from the comfort of your own home. Art of Sailing Waves of colour wash over the canvas.

Includes puzzle. Too Many Cooks Too many cooks All the Buzz Greetings from the sky! Music: An unexpected alliance of Bizet and Rimsky-Korsakov!

Butterfly Bouquet Colourful butterflies flutter around a pretty floral arrangement. Country Cruise A spin through leafy Sussex lanes in a classic car! Birthday Band The teddies get it right in the end! Autumn Twist A kaleidoscope of falling leaves and ripe fruits. Preview this Birthday Pelmanism adults card opens a new window Send this Birthday Pelmanism adults card. Have a Ball! Chudleigh gets a surprise present. Includes our fun ball game!

Music: Original by Mike Hughes-Chamberlain.

What Happened On My Birthday

Preview this Have a Ball! Preview this Serenity card opens a new window Send this Serenity card. A little bird told me A floral card for that special day Music: Original by Mike Hughes-Chamberlain but try to spot the hidden tune! Preview this A little bird told me card opens a new window Send this A little bird told me card. Birthday Bundle Bertie's birthday dream is interrupted by two boisterous newcomers! That Special Day Chudleigh's forgotten something Festive Folk A toe-tapping troupe of teddies! It's Your Day A ragtime romp for the men in your life! Playful Portrait In which our fidgety feline needs some encouragement to sit still!

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Morning Glory A cheerful way to brighten a day. Also includes a puzzle to play! Fly Fishing A brief tutorial on how to tie a fly.

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Includes extra recipes! Music: Waltz in A flat major, op. Candles and Cake A little boy puts a bit too much effort into blowing out his candles! Pub Lunch An Irish pub scene, and someone's playing tricks The One Minute Cake Bake a birthday cake in one minute! Waltz of the Flowers A floral arrangement in more sense than one!

What was the Number One Song on your Birthday -

Preview this Shipshape card opens a new window Send this Shipshape card. Bunker Bother "Golf is an easy game Beach Birthday Shells and flowers come together for a seaside surprise.

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Preview this Bubble Bath pink version card opens a new window Send this Bubble Bath pink version card. Change of Scenery High jinks at high altitude, whatever the weather.

My Birthday Hits

Don't miss the puzzle! A Heart Entwined Roses and clematis form a decorative display. Jumpin' Jack Jack the puppy is intrigued by all the clowns coming out of such a little car! Keep Smiling! Another animated painting, with a surprise at the end!

Number one song on my birthday?

Preview this Keep Smiling! Tropical View Open the shutters and let the sunshine in! Scenic Stroll Fluff Follow the kitten down a pretty old-fashioned shopping street Music: Bagatelle, op. Picnic Pelmanism Find the matching pairs to reveal your card Music: Sound effects only This card has optional greetings: You're Invited! It was like the military, but the drill sergeants wore robes. Far more rigid than the monks were the boys. Mean girls are legendary in our culture, but put a bunch of teenage males under one roof and see what happens.

It was a conformity factory, because the price of nonconformity was attention, and the attention of a building full of pubescent boys in ties is not the kind of thing you want. I kept my head down. But that summer, I enrolled in the creative-writing program of a summer school for artsy kids, and the tie came off. The weird were in charge here. I spent the whole six weeks of this program with a smile so wide even the drama kids were like: dial it back. If you told me it was cooked up in an hour by a small-market Morning Zoo team, I would have no choice but to believe you.

From Motorhead. Middle-aged rock legends making compromises: hot hot hot in It was like watching a torturously slow breakup between a person who is ready to move on and a person who is absolutely not going to be okay. Simply Fred wore black turtlenecks almost exclusively, despite the punishing St. Louis heat. He gesticulated wildly with his hands, which he tucked into his sleeves, giving him the effect of an inflatable dancing man outside of a goth used car dealership. I closely monitored my every word, my every gesture, my every letter S , but Simply Fred let it all hang out.

He was proud of himself. He was too gay to function, and yet he functioned. As a teenage boy.

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In To this day, I fear and envy Simply Fred. There was not yet a word for the music I was falling in love with, which made it feel even more like it had been made just for me. In the summer of , the teenaged record-buying American public spoke with one voice, and it was the voice of a year-old dental hygienist named Pam. They were their own Kidz Bop. This is what our culture is missing right now. This is the void they should have pushed Malaya Watson into on American Idol. I am officially pining for the Jets.

There is no wordplay, no subtext, no hidden meanings. The end.

hang on a sec ...

Because who is Johnny? Is El DeBarge Johnny, in which case why is he so happy about the girl pretending not to know his name? And how does the robot from Short Circuit fit into all of this? admin