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He said that the voice of the common man had been heard and the leaders would respond to this and peace would become a reality in the country.


He also said there was good news for the country especially after July 23 when after a further planetary change, most of the financial woes of the country would ease. The prices of goods such as diesel, petrol and other essentials will come down. There will be many reforms that will benefit the common man, he said.

Professor Parthasarthy also said that Sri Lanka will regain its lost glory in the field of sports and succeed in international events like the Olympics He also said that relations between Sri Lanka and its neighbour India will continue to grow and strengthen. Could Mr. Parthasarathy explain to the Sri Lankan public, as to why his predictions never came true, even after the lapse of almost five years?

It must also be mentioned that a weekly Sinhala newspaper, which came to the scene only a few years ago, quoted a famous astrologer who emphasized that Ranil Wickremesinghe will definitely become the President, at the presidential elections held November, Wijewardena Matara. Produced by Upali Group of Companies.

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