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Education astrology. How are education and astrology related.?

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How To Know About Your Education Through Astrology- HINDI

Live Webinars and Courses We offer a mix of live and pre-recorded webinars, online courses, and audio downloads to meet your distance education needs. What Our students are saying. The Sun, Jupiter and Mars are the main planets, as per Vedic Astrology, connected with education and practice in the medical line. The Sun and Jupiter are two basic planets which give interest and expertise in general in the medical line.

Mars comes into play for surgeons of all types.

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Other planets may get involved as per the specific fields of medical education and practice such as Pediatrics, Gynecology and Endocrinology etc. For example Sun with Jupiter indicates study and practice of medicine as a physician whereas Sun and Mars indicate interest and expertise in general surgery.

Talking about the role of the zodiac signs Leo, Scorpio and Pisces represent the medical line. If the lord of the first house if posited in the 6, 8, 12th houses from the ascendant or the lord of the first house if debilitated the native suffers alot. Hence it is necessary to know the dignity of the lord of the first house.

The second house tells about the possibility of education, fourth house is the second house for the second house, hence that house should also be analysed. When we are considering the education the child should be appreciated and cared by the mother for its better education.

Virgo Education Horoscope - Virgo Education Astrology

Because for the child mother is the first school, after the mother shows the father to the child, the child comes to who is the father. Then the father takes him to the teacher. Most of the readers are very well aware of the second and the fourth houses, due to that it is not necessary to mention much about those two houses. The fifth house can tell about whether the native can get some awards like B. Sc, etc. Fifth house is responsible for knowledge, memory, wisdom about music, concentration, luck etc.

The ninth house is about the philosophical education that is mainly the higher education like Philosophy, Science, Literature, imagination, analytical power, and the higher degrees such has M. Sc, M. S, PhD etc. In the astrological sense the lords of the 5th and the 9th house are insane even if they are malefic.

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The meaning is the lords of fifth and ninth house will not lend any bad effects for the native even if they are malefic in nature. Either the conjunction or the parivarthana parivarthana refers the lord of the respective house exchange their houses, e. The placement of benefic planets at the fifth house is very luckier for the native, that too if the lord of the 9th house if posited in the 5th house the native will definitely have familiarity, wealth, higher education, writing and articulation capabilities.

If the lord of the fifth house if occupies Kendra position to the moon then the native will be almost live like a king. Debility of 2,4,5th house lords.


Placement of 2, 4, 5th houses in between two malefic planets. Placement of 2,4,5th house lords in between two malefic planets. If the second house is placed with malefic planets like the placement of Saturn or Ragu or both together. If Mercury is placed either in Aries or in Scorpio. If Mercury is debilitated. If Mercury is aspected by Mars, i. If Jupiter is debilitated. If Sun is debilitated.


Let us see the Yogas related to the education. The extreme education, knowledge, wealth, health, familiarity and popularity are guaranteed if the anyone is gifted with Brahma yoga. The placement of Jupiter, Venus in the kendras to the ascendant, and to the lord of either to the 5th or to the 11th house.

The placement of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in kendras or in Trikonas with respect to the ascendant gives the Saraswathi Yoga. By its name itself it is certain that the benefits of the yoga is not necessary to be explained at all. The conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury either in the 2nd house or in the 5th house from the ascendant also the Venus should be either in his own house or in the exhalted house is termed as Kalanithi Yoga. admin