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This lingering karmic effect could make the person continue to be self-absorbed in the present.

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In this case, the North Node would be in the opposite sign of Libra, the sign of diplomacy. Therefore, Fox suggests focusing on and forming positive partnerships in the present as a way to move past selfish thinking patterns that remain from past-life karma , earning you some of those karmic brownie points. If the South Node is in the first house the house of the body, image and appearance , issues from the past are likely to be associated with how people see you.

Past Life Astrology | Bear With Me

Because the first house represents the body , if your South Node is placed there, you may have been overly concerned with self-image and physical appearance in a previous life. Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune and Pluto are often found retrograde in charts.

In his book Astrology and Reincarnation , Donald H. So, if you find a lot of retrograde planets in your birth chart, you may have more karmic leftovers to work out in current and future lives.

For example, if Saturn conjuncts your Sun , your karmic challenges include problems with self-confidence, particularly in terms of creativity. Taking measures to overcome negative past-life leftovers helps you become a more evolved person. Astrology suggests that from one life to another, your fate is not set.

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Karmic Astrology Chart- Soul lessons – Past Lives

I have found people with good Saturn, doing very well in business, career and matters regarding wealth. As remember, Saturn for everyone is the original ruler of the 10th house of work and the 11th house of wealth and gains. People with a well-placed Saturn, have also been found to be the givers in society; people who do massive charity. These people are usually quite law abiding and fair in their dealings.

However, should your Saturn be weak or ill placed, then it shows the opposite of the good qualities mentioned above and rest assured, the areas where people with a well placed Saturn — flourish, is where a weak Saturn will give the greatest hurdles, limitations and challenges in this lifetime! It can provide exact or near to exact understanding of what a person did and achieved in his last incarnation.

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So, a well-placed or strong Ketu would mean, you did well in whatever Ketu represents in your chart. Meaning, you excelled in your previous lifetime in the role that you played. However, should Ketu be debilitated in your chart, then very likely, you will carry your past life mission into the present, because you could not accomplish it. Now of course, one needs to not just see the sign and house placement regarding Ketu, one must also look at which Nakshatra, Ketu is sitting in, to give the exact or close to exact details of the past life.

How to Use Astrology to Find Your Soul Path

But broadly, looking at just the sign and house placement of planet Ketu, an astrologer can provide significant information. Sitting in conjunctions, it can even reveal past life connections with people in our lives. First house or sign Aries — Person in the past life may have been active and driven but also very impulsive, aggressive and too self-centered! Second house or sign Taurus — Person may be quite wealthy but materialistic and lacking in spiritual qualities, in his or her past life. Third house or sign Gemini — In his or her past life, this person may have been a good communicator but quite directionless or someone who was all over the place, not very serious or focused at what they wanted to do, someone who lacked depth of character and maturity.

Fourth house or sign Cancer — This person may have been too emotional or someone who lived his or her life through others, someone very attached to people and therefore, insecure and lacking in self-confidence.

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