Leo december 27 astrology

You would be more fulfilled, you would be happier, and most importantly, you would feel that you are a more effective person. Lovers born on December 27th are freedom lovers.

Leo and Capricorn: Love Compatibility

They know how to love and they want to be loved as well. However, they tend to not take their relationships seriously.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

This is the reason why these people are often left by their lovers. People born on December 27th are industrious workers. They are also analytical and are fond of solving problems. These people are also very patient.

Love Compatibility

Even if it takes them a longer time to figure out something, they still push through until they find a solution. A career in real estate sales or writing is well-suited for people who were born on the 27th of December. People born on the 27th of December are relaxed and high-spirited individuals.

They are also elegant and graceful, even when under a lot of pressure. Their friends would say that they are the easy-going type of person. People born on December 27th can be really moody at times. If you are close to them enough, you can see the pressure building up inside them because they keep on changing moods. They can be sweet and affectionate to you at one time and alienating you at the other. It takes a lot of work to look through the different things that happen in our lives and come up with some powerful, personal insight.

You might find out certain things about yourself that may embarrass you, or may rob you of your sense of confidence.


Whatever the case may be, the reason why you are gambling is you are always looking for the path of least resistance. Those governed by this element have a logical mind. They seem to be quiet at times, but they are actually thinking hard about ways of getting through a particular challenge or situation. If your birthday falls on the 27th of December, Saturn is your planetary influence. Saturn is the planet of construction and obstinacy.

It is also related to domination. It's a day for giving and helping others but at the same time doing so with an eye on what's important for yourself, too. Today's Moon in Virgo works well with building structures that last and give you and others a sense that work will bring something that lasts, with a Saturn - Moon. Dreams and reality are possible, but not without one foot on the ground.

Personality and character

The Virgo Moon is opposite of the planet of dreams, Neptune in Pisces. Pisces and Virgo are each other's opposing signs. Today's opposition can bring a chance meeting with fate implications for business or love, but one may be reminded that dreams can only take you so far. You have to do some work to make what you want happen. The Sun in Capricorn, which is the sign of work, reputation and social standing works with the Virgo Moon today to make that happen.

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Work can bring good luck and favor. You're likely to feel productive. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is in a square with the Moon in Virgo today. Complicated conversations can be tackled today, too. But people may have a bite to their words, and when this happens, ignore the tone and focus on the meaning. Aries, today, be the boss in charge of your own future. Some health related topics can continue to remind you of the value of self care. You may find that today works well for creating boundaries, re-evaluating life purposes and helping others in the same area that you have had to help yourself.

The Chariot tarot card is an indicator that struggles can be overcome and you may not realize how soon you are to the finish line until the fight is almost over.

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Taurus, the High Priestess says today will be a day of learning and relying on your intuition. Listen to your heart and take advice from others into council but your best best is to listen to your own self as the final say. Today, in astrology, remember that sometimes flirting and good feelings can be misleading.

You are likely to find yourself the recipient of attention you may feel you enjoy but not necessarily care to have around since it could be a distraction. Gemini, there may be the you that wants to do one thing but there's also the you that would like to do another.

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The race to do something new begins and it's not only you who is at odds with change, but those around you too, as indicated by the Hierophant card. Today, these matters may take place mostly in the home or relate to what makes you feel secure. Your sense of self could be challenged over something minor but for you it can be a sharp revelation of what you need to change. Cancer, be the leader who bosses your own life, and no one else's. The Emperor is an authority figure who loves to take charge.

With the astrology opening the door to your communication sector this is good news. You may be sending out a lot of information today via email or having something looked into where a message could come through to help you see where to take the future next. Leo, it's not always easy to be strong, but sometimes it's best to be flexible and adaptable. The desire to be the heavy today may come up as you'll find yourself protecting your home base.

You can be territorial today with fixing things around the house, making investments of time and money into home related projects. If you do investments, glance at your portfolio for insight on what to do with your money in the near future as your money sector opens for you today. Virgo, temptation is real and it can also be personal.

The Devil tarot card is a reminder that goals set are not always met challenge free. You can find yourself tempted to put down your ideas or plans and wait until later, but don't do it.

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